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Some Words from Parents

  • Started in 2009, by Ms Chandni Mehta, a child psychologist from University of Nottingham, UK.
  • Trained with Dr. Anjali Chhabria, Dr. Nirmala Rao, for behavioral counseling and therapy.
  • School Counselor at Bombay Scottish School & RIMS International, Juhu for child and teenage Counseling.
  • Teen Counselor for Bombay Times, and Times of India.
  • Play Group & Nursery: A structured curriculum within house gym/ yoga/ art and storytelling activities.
  • DayCare: A working solution for working parents! A clean, safe & nurturing environment ideal for your little ones. Nap rooms, play areas, music stations and lots more to keep them busy.
  • Toddler Activity Program (TAP): Includes holistic growth for your little ones with Physical, Creative, Mind, Social & Linguistic Development. 5 Intelligence Development for children!
  • Homework Café: Our unique specialty where your little ones enjoy learning & homework through our special program, which includes music, dance, play along with their homework. Each session includes learning material guidance & aids for helping children develop & learn best.
  • Birthday Party/ Play Date Zone: Fabulous, child-friendly locations with provisions for activities as well as stations- tattoo, music, yoga & catering facilities available!
  • Camps & fun events: Jumping Genius, Anchor conducts Diwali, Summer and Winter camps for children, on a weekly basis, as well as Pyjama Parties, Pool Parties, Fun Fair and more!
  • Mother toddler Program: Mums introduce their babies to the world of school, socializing & learning through our delicately crafted mother & tots program. Lots of fun, challenging & bonding activities to make an enriching experience.
  • Founded by Psychologist, Doctor & Nursery school Teacher to create a holistic learning experience for each child.
  • World class Resources to facilitate learning & comfort into School – separate structures for physical, creative, mind & social development.
  • Interaction with parents made easier through CCTV cameras, provisions for BBM facilities & Email Updates on a daily basis
  • Certified, loving & caring staff, who understand importance of hygiene & learning for each child.
  • Unique student teacher ratio of 8:1 for nursery, 4:1 for playschool, 3:1 for day care & 1:1 for babies from 5 months -15 months!
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