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Some Words from Parents

Jumping Genius Exclusive Nursery

Curriculum is based on active and experiential learning. An optimum teacher-student ratio ensures effective implementation of this activity-based curriculum. The teacher student ratio at the various levels allows for the transition of students from dependence to interdependence to independence. The sequence followed goes from weakness to strength to greater strength. This order of growing independence helps the student display learning away from the guidance of the teacher, demonstrates that s/he is able to accomplish certain tasks by herself / himself and begins to control the learning process.

Play School Age 1.5 years for Time: 11- 1 pm Nursery Age 2.5 years for 10 to 1 pm


  • To Numbers, Sounds, Textures.
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Nature Including Plants, Animals & Birds & Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Manners And Etiquettes
  • Weather Patterns/ Seasons
  • Habits And Morals
  • Body Parts
  • Enrich Their Mind Bank Through:
  • History,
  • Solar System
  • Professions
  • Basic Needs

The child will be engaged in over all development, i.e. Circle time, physical, mind, emotional and social development through flash cards, singing, rhyming, dance, sand & water play.

Other activities include public speaking, confidence building, role play, puppets, puzzles, memory games and more. Children will have physical stations to train their motor development; Field trips include visits to the zoo, aquarium, beach, planetarium and various factories. They will occur once in 2 months.

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